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Hygienic healthcare cleaning

This course is based on the DS 2451-10 cleaning standard, which is normative for INSTA 800. This means that if INSTA 800 is used for quality control purposes in healthcare, the cleaning standard must also be in use. The standard complements the cleaning part of the INSTA 800 in connection with sanitary inspections.

You can find the standard here.

Training and motivation

If you are responsible for training staff in your organisation, this course offers you the proper tools to succeed. Even if you have studied the system and its methods thoroughly, teaching others effectively is not a given. This course helps you achieve just that through quality education and interactive follow-ups.

Cleaning methods and equipment

The quality of the cleaning depends fully on the method and equipment used. This is especially the case with cleaning according to INSTA 800, which is used to inspect surface dirt (a coating resulting from using incorrect cleaning methods), and where knowledge of the correct method and equipment is crucial.