Help with cleaning offers

Help with INSTA 800/DS 2451-10-compliant cleaning offers

INSTA 800 is a standard where you can specify the desired quality of a service and then assess whether that delivery corresponds to what was agreed. However, this requires that the prerequisites have been detailed correctly and that they are ready for follow-ups. There are many new possibilities with the latest revision of the standard, so we offer to help in achieving the desired level of conformity.

DS 2451-10 SV is a standard that complements the sanitation part of the INSTA 800. If you are responsible for sanitation at a healthcare industry location, we recommend using this standard to avoid the risk of infection via cleaning.

If you use INSTA 800 and DS 2451-10 for cleaning offers in your organisation, we can help you formulate it correctly. View our REFERENCES.

Did you know that there are requirements for the level of knowledge in the revised INSTA 800? Learn more.

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