Hygienic cleaning

Courses for clients who perform health inspections, e.g. team leaders, service managers and consultants.

About the course
Every year, insufficient cleaning and incorrect sanitation measures in the Danish healthcare industry impose billion-kroner costs due to hospitalisations, increased pressure on the healthcare system, medicine, etc. – not to mention the human costs of illness attributed to individuals, families and communities.

Studies show that up to 35% of all infection cases can be prevented by using effective preventive hygienic and sanitary measures. Effective interruption of so-called transmission routes is possible by using infection-hygienic focus according to the DS 2451-10 standard.

Based on the DS 2451-10 standard entitled Infection control in the health care sector, part 10: requirements for cleaning, our course Infection-hygienic cleaning will teach you how to sanitise by focusing on removing infectious agents to prevent infections.

A thorough introduction to the principles of cleaning and quality control in the healthcare industry, including:
  • Overview of the DS 2451-10 standard, Infection control in the health care sector:
  • Connection between INSTA 800 and DS 2451-10
  • Review of critical control points
  • Hygiene levels 
  • Degrees of risk and risk factors
  • Risk of contagion at various hygiene levels
  • Hygienic knowledge when using detergents, water and cleaning equipment
  • Hygiene and maintenance requirements for cleaning equipment
  • Cleaning up spills and contamination from human biological matter
  • Practical training in inspecting the 10 critical risk points (practical training takes place at a hospital close to where the course is held).
Target group
This course is intended for healthcare professionals (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.) working with and/or responsible for cleaning and/or quality control. The course is relevant for healthcare industry officials, whether they use in-house staff for cleaning and quality control or an external cleaning contractor.
In addition, the course is aimed at healthcare professionals with a special interest in infection-hygienic cleaning.

After the course, you will have gained the following benefits:
  • Thorough introduction to the principles of DS 2451-10 and the connection to INSTA 800
  • The ability to determine the hygiene level of various surfaces and provide guidelines for achieving the prescribed levels of hygiene
  • The ability to establish a cleaning system that can help prevent infections
  • The ability to help manage sanitation and consequently document, improve and maintain the level of hygiene.
Dennis Andersen, Executive Director at Andersen Control ApS.

DKK 9,800 excluding VAT.
The price covers course materials, DS 2451-10 standard, final test and full board. 

The price does not cover lodging and dinner.

Course duration: 2 days. 

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