Support subscription

For our multiple-licence clients.

Our how2clean support contract includes:

Monthly reports on:
  • Completed courses, summarised
  • Completed courses per user, detailed
  • Completed courses per participant during the last 30 days
  • Completed and non-completed courses per user
  • Users not logged in
Information is sent directly by email in PDF format before the 10th of every month for the past month. In this way, you can use it to follow up on course activities.

These are our monthly contract prices in DKK excluding VAT:

1-299DKK 999,00
+300Request a quote

In addition, we offer further documentation for an hourly rate, for example:
  • Users and course information (CSV export format)
  • Total number of certificates
  • Course document statistics
Hourly rate per half-hour or part thereof: DKK 441 excluding VAT.
Contract fee: DKK 249
No contract commitment
Termination: 3 months' notice
Adding new users: hourly rate (if Excel file is valid; max. 30 minutes)